Check If Your LLC Name Is Available

making sure your llc name is not already in use by another organization in your state.

Once you understand What must be in the name of an LLC the next step in forming your LLC is to Check to ensure that the name you have selected is not already in use by another organization in your state.

You have to make sure that the name you are selected for your limited liability company is still available in the state where you want to organize.

if you plan to do business in another state or you plan to open offices in a different state you should also check name availability and those other states.

You can check if your LLC name is available by calling the office of Secretary of state for that state all you can query their online database. Many states have an online database.

If you plan to open an LLC in the future you can still reserve the name now even if you do not plan to file your articles of organization immediately.

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Cory says...

what if someone filed for a LLC in a different state and they used our company name?

WE have had our company since 2005 they filed in March of 2008?

is there anything to worry about?

Can we do anything about it?

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L says...

I am debating between opening a a LLC or PLLC. I am opening a Physical Therapy company.

What is the difference between a LLC and PLLC?

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Choudhery Enterprises says...

1- How much the security money has to show when registering?

2- How much the Registration Fees Requires?

3- What are the minimum No. of Directors when registering?

4- Describe the distribution of shares between Directors

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Mohd Sadiq says...

Dear Sir,

Assalamu Alaikum, I Have One Address.

For Fresh Food and Fruit Company LLC Private Ltd.Dubai.

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